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CG Infotainment is an integrated communications firm specializing in advertising, multimedia production and website development. We are creative guys from diverse fields who share a common passion for innovation, business building, design and communication in all its expressions.

Our work is driven by innovative ideas derived from a deep understanding of our clients, their audience and their points of interaction. We bring together strategy, creativity and expertise and add fresh dimensions for communication and business growth.

We are in the business of managing perceptions of your target domains - perceptions that can be created, consolidated or completely changed!

Over the years, we have created and handled branding activities for various prestigious clients. Not only has the agency changed with the ever changing technologies, it also introduced newer marketing principles that have created some of the very visible brands of today.

The journey has been both nerve wrecking and exciting with the brand management of various industries like : Automobile, Health Care, Hotels, Manufacturing, NGO, Printing, Real Estate, Software & Tourism to name a few.

Our Vision:

To build our brand, business and customer relationship. We achieve this by adding innovative and creative works with excellent customer service, which helps us to acquire new (valuable) clients ever.

Our Mission:

To provide results-oriented advertising, public relations, and marketing designed to meet our client's objectives.

We are committed to maintaining a rewarding environment in which we can accomplish our mission and we seek to become a marketing partner with our clients.
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